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March 5, 2010

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Hot Stuff

Name-dropping.  Bland finger food. Talking about the weather.  Social gatherings can be such a yawner.

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He drools.  He farts.  And he’ll steal your food when you’re not looking.  No, not your significant other (well…maybe in private).  We’re referring to your dog, of course.  But despite Clifford’s flaws, you want nothing more than to keep him safe and happy.

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See Mommy run to work.  To the grocery store.  To the pharmacy.  To daycare.  All that running around turns Mommy into one tired Momma.    Or maybe not, if Mommy runs. 

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Thanks to women’s lib, your mom and the marketing department at Nike, you believe that anything boys can do, girls can do better.

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If synchronized swimming judges rated your recent pool appearance, you would score top marks in technical merit but a big goose egg in artistic impression with that standard issue black racerback.

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Safety Tips for Summertime Running

Safety Tips for Summertime Running

Summertime is here, which means much of your running will be taking place in hot, humid conditions.  It is important to continue your workouts, even as the temperature rises, as the miles you build in the summer will be essential for your fall race schedule.  Following are some tips to help you train smartly through the summer heat and get the most out of your workout.



Marilyn Price

At 68, Marilyn Price has the bone density and blood pressure of a teenager and the driven energy of a visionary. She is always in a hurry with a million things on her ¨To Do¨ list. And right on top? Daily mountain bike riding. Forty-five minutes. First thing in the morning.



Philippa Hughes
Washington, DC

Occupation: Flaneur (aka a person who appears to be ambling aimlessly but is secretly in search of adventure)

Loves: surfing, travel, art, good food and happy hours!

Favorite quote: "Live in the now dude."


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